The emotion of building a monument

Models of historical monuments that are easy to assemble and durable

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  • Montaje maqueta hito cultural

    Maquetas de madera fabricadas y diseñadas en España


We believe in what we do


We promote the understanding and dissemination of spanish monuments.


Reliable reproduction to scale. Models to assemble, transportable and durable.


Designed and manufactured in Spain with natural wood without additives.

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Build the historical monuments that have surprised you the most in each of your travels through the Spanish geography and that are so photographed with our architectural reproductions at scale, a different entertainment alternative with which you will enjoy assembling and understanding a part of spanish architectural history.

Experience multiple emotions recreating the historical buildings that have most impacted you, through our models of monuments. Easy, durable and made with natural wood, all our quality adult models will be a good choice for you to enjoy your free time building.

Go for a different entertainment option and relive the excitement with which you first visited the Alhambra, while you reflect on its architecture and enjoy building one of its most representative palaces: the Patio de los Lions.

Cultural Heritage, a leisure option for adults that combines history, art and architecture

All the models and profiles for adults that you will find at Cultural Heritage contain a complete assembly guide, so that giving life to the model you have selected is simple and does not end your patience, but helps you relax and have fun.

Models to assemble, transportable and durable, all our models are a faithful reproduction of the monument that reflects the characteristics of the original building. In addition, the material used for its manufacture is wood without additives.

If you are an institution or a professional architect with a particular interest in a particular architectural project and want a maqueta personalizada de un edificio just contact us. If you prefer to admire the beauty of an architectural reproduction already assembled, we also make it possible. We will build the model and you will receive it ready to place in the space you decide. Although if you are looking for a more special option, you can also turn any of our models into a lamp.