Architectural description


Successive sultans built their palaces inside the walled enclosure until the disappearance of the Nazari kingdom in 1492. They are buildings to be understood and enjoyed from the inside. The spaces have multi-purpose functions, in all of them the sensuality, the movement of forms, the feeling of instability, of dematerialization of the walls predominate. Son edificaciones para ser comprendidas y disfrutadas desde el interior. Los espacios poseen funciones polivalentes, en todos ellos predomina la sensualidad, el movimiento de las formas, la sensación de inestabilidad, de desmaterialización de los muros.

The fundamental agents to achieve these achievements are the masterful use of changing, diagonal lights, sometimes screened with lattices. The water flows through the interior of the rooms and sometimes sheets are created that are transformed into mirrors that reflect the images of palaces and nature integrating them. Decorations in plaster and polychrome tiles with geometric, stylized and repetitive shapes that create feelings of infinity.

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Bolsa de algodón de la Alhambra de Granada

It is a design developed from the view of the Alhambra of Granada. Apostamos por un estilo de vida sostenible y por eso hemos diseñado esta bolsa duradera y reutilizable. 100% algodón.