The emotion of building a monument


Designed and manufactured in Spain with natural wood without additives.


Reliable reproduction to scale. Models to assemble, transportable and durable.


We promote the understanding and dissemination of spanish monuments.


Sustainability is our principle

HitoCultural designs and manufactures its products entirely in Spain,by experts, using high tecnology. We are part of sustainable economy and the customer perceives it in every aspect of our product.

We offer natural solid wood models. It’s an unprocessed material, free of chemicals. It provides comfort, and has the rich texture of an organic material. It is used in furniture and valuables because it conveys nobility, warmth and elegance. Wood is the sustainable material par excellence, and does not generate pollution.

Due to the quality of its materials, HitoCultural offers products that are durable over time.Our models are repairable and removable, providing long-term sustainability culture experiences.


Design is our medium

Our models are innovative, intuitive, aesthetic, durable and functional. They are evocative syntheses of monuments,representing the fundamental aspects of their architecture. Once assembled, HitoCultural provokes the self-absorption of contemplating a fragment of history.

The models are presented disassembled in a rigid package,of reduced dimensions and weight, ideal for giving away and transporting it easily.

The mock-up holder allows light to pass through, and the pedestal is designed to introduce flat lighting devices, such as smartphones. It could also be turned into a lamp by introducing it into our light boxes that enhance the building.

All Cultural Milestone designs are registered and protected, so they are unique products.

Palacio del Partal Alhambra


Culture is our end

HitoCultural is a project that traces the history of Spain through its most unique buildings. It covers the main stages and civilizations of spanish culture. These cultural landmarks express ideas or aspirations built over decades, and modified over centuries. At a glance, the viewer receives an enriching download of history that fascinates millions of people a year.

Among the most captivating aspects of these buildings are the composition of their spaces, the constructive materiality, the treatment of light and shadow and the relationship of these elements with the surrounding environment.

Beyond the visit to the monument, there are few ways to approach the architecture in a visual and complete way today. HitoCultural meets this need. We offer a constructive exercise that helps to understand the architectural aspects of the different monuments.

The emotion of building a monument

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