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Welcome to hitocultural

Palacio Real de Madrid en la mano

With the first entry of our blog we want you to know us better. We are architects and passionate about our profession, our goal is to promote the cultural value of architecture and bring it to all homes in a visual and complete way through the construction of our models and profiles.

This project has a firm purpose: to promote the understanding, dissemination and conservation of monuments. We love to travel and tour cities, many times we miss being able to spend time studying the monuments and places visited in greater depth. The construction of our models requires concentration and skill, which favors delving into fundamental architectural aspects of monuments.

These architectural milestones have become the configurator of the identity of our cities, their urban planning is the result of the stages and civilizations of our culture. The profiles allow us to analyze and establish relationships between the place and the monuments as well as constituting an evocative memory.

Our work arises as a need to offer an honest product that is faithful to the values ​​it spreads: culture, design and sustainability. We rigorously elaborate each model, our work process is based on the analysis and synthesis of the real architectural plans of each monument. We seek sustainable work for both human beings and nature:

For the development of our work, it is essential to manufacture our own designs, which favors creativity and allows us to deliver a quality product to our clients since we control the production process 100%. This process allows us to pay special attention to details, something that we would hardly achieve with an industrial process.

We design and manufacture our products entirely in Spain, favoring the reduction of the carbon footprint. At the beginning of our journey, a large part of our effort was rooted in finding an organic material, a solid wood without additives that, when processed, would not emit toxic components that are harmful to the environment.

Each design is a challenge for us in which we delve into learning about the monument. In order to capture the essence of the building, we carry out a deep documentation process, the distillation of these readings is reflected in the instructions of each model, enriching the experience.

We hope you enjoy the thrill of building a monument!

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